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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shilpa Shetty on the cover of Blender

By Bollywood Hungama / May 01, 2009

With IPL being the flavour of the season, it becomes needless to say that each and every 'Bollywoodian-turned-IPL custodian' got transformed into spotlight's darling. If the last season of IPL saw many a hugs, tears, trials and tribulations, this year promises to be a 'Long' extended celebration from of last year as 'Miss Long Legs' Shilpa Shetty puts her business acumen to test, by partnering with 'Rajasthan Royals'. And it is this same actress-cum-model-cum-international star-cum-businesswoman-cum-everything in between Shilpa who has been featured on this month's 'Blender' magazine!

Now this leggy dame comes full circle as she gets candid with the hip music and entertainment magazine 'Blender' in a no holds bar conversation. What's more is that the mag is adorned with the lass in a well 'blended' outfit that goes that extra mile in accentuating her already famous curves.Also in this month's issue be ready to see the biggest hits and hitters of the IPL, and for some eye candy to heat up the already hot summer is a list of the sexiest rock and roll babes.


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