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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Becks smitten by Hungarian nude model

Posted: Apr 30, 2009

David Beckham and Victoria’s strained marriage hit another roadblock after a nude model claimed that the footie ace made a play for her. 

Blonde Mariann Fogarassy insists that the 33-year-old hunky sportsman has been emailing her with “private party” invites ever since they got close after an AC Milan match last week. The sexy Hungarian has graced the cover of several magazines all over the world and is a successful glamour model. 

She said that Becks was smitten when he spotted her last week after a match in Budapest between Inter Milan and a Hungarian team. Mariann insisted that Becks had made it clear what he wanted after he “squeezed her elbow and smiled”. 

“Beckham squeezed my elbow for a moment and smiled,” the ‘Daily Star’ quoted her as saying. 

“Then I put my business card into his pocket. I knew he must have felt it. And in fact an email arrived today, saying that just in case I’d be in Milan next week, I’m invited to the club’s party. Luckily, I’ll be shooting in Milan next week,” she added. However, Becks’ spokesperson dismissed the claims. 

“There is no truth in this story. I was there and there was no interaction with this woman at the stadium,” said the rep. “There is also no party in Milan. She is a fantasist seeking publicity,” he added. 

The sportstar is no stranger to rumours that he has strayed behind Victoria’s back. The former Spice Girl has admitted how difficult it is constantly fighting off the desperate girls who keep throwing themselves at the England star. 

Victoria is still fuming about his alleged affair with PA Rebecca Loos, 31 – again while the couple were living apart.


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