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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whoopi urges Amy to quit drugs

Agencies / May 12, 2009

Amy Winehouse has been urged by Academy winning actress Whoopi Goldberg to quit her drugs and alcohol habit so that she can live to sing. 

The 'Ghost' star was on Radio 4's show Desert Island Discs when she revealed that she is a huge fan of Winehouse's music as it reminds her of her childhood. 

"I love this girl, that talent is just so great. Amy, come on baby, you can do this," said the 53-year-old actress. Goldberg also warned Winehouse that her lifestyle will kill her if she lets her alcohol and drug addiction gain control of her, reported ‘Femalefirst’. 

"For me, I like living. So if you really come down this path pretty much, you are going to die, that's a given fact," said Goldberg. 

Winehouse, 25, a multiple Grammy wining singer was booed off stage during a recent performance at the St Lucia Jazz Festival as she slurred and stumbled on stage. 

Winehouse who is currently in the Caribbean island working on her third album, has been battling substance abuse for years.


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