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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1920 on NTV tonight

By Ariful Islam Mithu - May 12, 2009

The tenth episode of the drama serial 1920 will be aired on NTV at 8:15pm.The drama portrays the desires, dreams, achievements and frustrations of being 19 or 20 years of age.

They are all classmates: Pinky is very fond of flowers, Anila loves cars. Ayon is of a serious nature and is very matured. Pramity is fond of acting in theatres and is thus popular in the university campus, while other students are jealous of him. Srabonti, who is a good dancer, is proud of her talent. Tonmoy is nothing but a joker, in contrast to Sutopa who is quiet by nature.

The drama is scripted and directed by Hridi Huq. The cast includes Tisha, Sharmin Shela, Kusum Sikdar, Dipa Khandakar, Hridi Huq, Nafiza, Jitu Ahsan, Shariar Shuvo, Ovik, Shahir Huda Rumi, Lucky Enam, Irin Parvin Lopa, Proma, Tanvir Hossen Probal, Adnan Sobhan, Sadjad Reja, Shagota, Shomon Sumi, Mirana Jaman,Kanta,Rony, Osib, M E Salim, Imtu, among others.


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Anonymous said...

its a wonderful fresh drama