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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drama serial Tomtom ends today

Cultural Correspondent / May 12, 2009

The last episode of the drama serial "Tomtom" will be aired on Ekushey TV tonight at 9:30 pm. Written by Hafiz Redu and directed by Kaisar Ahmed, the serial marks the 400th anniversary of Dhaka city as a capital.

The serial centres on Shamsher Ali, a resident of old Dhaka. For generations, Shamsher Ali's family have been professional drivers of "Tomtoms", traditional horse-carts. More than a mere source of income, Ali has a deep feeling for his Tomtom. Reputed ship trader Aziz Sardar is Ali's childhood friend. Their friendship cuts across their class differences. Despite his low income, Shamsher manages to realise his dream to educate his daughter at a medical college. On the other hand, widower Aziz Sarder's daughter Nuri is not academically inclined. The hearthrob of many a local youth, Nuri is infatuated with her private tutor, Azad. The serial unfolds, building on these characters.

Masum Aziz, Chitralekha Guha, Mita Nur, Ahmed Rubel, Litu Anam, Tony Dias, Rumana and Lara Lotus are the main casts of the serial.


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