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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remembering an icon - Feroz Khan

Posted: Apr 29, 2009

How would I describe Feroz Khan? A style icon? A legend? A great storyteller? He was all this and more. I interacted with him a few times. During the premiere of ‘Dayavan’ [at Minerva] and later ‘Prem Aggan’ [at Liberty, if my memory doesn't fail me]. We met briefly. We lost touch. Much later, RGV invited me for a screening of ‘Jungle’ at Adlabs, much before its release. He was re-launching Fardeen Khan. 

I distinctly remember, I was [pleasantly] surprised to get a call from Khan-saab that evening. The voice on the other line was very humble, very soft. It was not a call from a film-maker of larger than life movies, but a doting father who was anxious that his son find a foothold in the industry. I interacted with Khan-saab at Johannesburg again, during IIFA. He was promoting ‘Janasheen’. I kept asking questions, he fielded them like a pro. Fardeen was nervous, not Khan-saab. He shielded his son like a lion. Later, at the premiere of ‘Janasheen’ [at New Excelsior], Khan-saab stood at the entrance introducing Fardeen to the heavyweights. 

We met again at Dubai, during IIFA again. Khan-saab had decided to remake ‘Qurbani’ and had also recorded a song. I requested him to play the song again. He did. He was keen to make it with Saif, Priyanka and Fardeen. Today, that dream remains unfulfilled and I sincerely and genuinely hope that FK Jr. completes his dream some day. 

Khan-saab was a style icon, blessed with a dashing personality. He made great movies - very stylish and very interesting. But I'd remember him as a doting father who wanted only the best for his son Fardeen. We will miss you, Khan-saab.


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