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Monday, June 1, 2009

Humayun Ahmed’s play “Gandha” on ATN Bangla

By Cultural Correspondent
June 01, 2oo9

TV play “Gandha” will be aired tonight on ATN Bangla at 8:45pm. Based on a story by noted litterateur Humayun Ahmed, the play has been scripted by Bandana Kabir and directed by Abir Khan. The cast includes Taquir Ahmed, Mim, Abul Kashem and Dr. Ejaz.

The story line: While awaiting execution, Karim recalls his beloved deceased wife Jamuna, particularly their wedding night when he had requested her for a heavy quilt. 

By 9 pm a constable enters the cell with his favourite food. A Maulvi comes late at night for Karim's last confessions. The executor is called Ramzan.

In his last moments, Karim senses a familiar smell, which the jailer says is of a 'bidi.' Karim associates the smell with his dead wife. An amazing revelation emerges.

Source: TheDailyStar.

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