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Monday, June 1, 2009

Drama serial “1920” on ntv

By Cultural Correspondent
June o1, 2009

Drama serial “1920” will be aired on ntv tonight at 8:15 pm. The story revolves around friends, studying together, all aged between 19 and 20. They all have individual dreams, but there are shared aspirations. Two friends Pinky and Anila have different tastes -- the former goes for flowers and latter, for automobiles. Another member of the group, Ayon, is moody and more mature than his friends. Promiti is involved in theatre. So she draws special attention at her university. Srabonti is proud of her talents as a dancer.

The serial is written and directed by Hridi Haque. The cast includes Tisha, Sharmin Shila, Kusum Sikdar, Dipa Khandokar, Hridi Haque, Nafiza, Jitu Ahsan, Shahriar Shubho, Abhik, Shahiar Huda Rumi, Lucky Enam, Irin Parvin Lopa and Kumkum Hasan, among others.

Source: TheDailyStar.

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