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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Space & Decor at Kaya

By Khamin / May 6, 2009

A dual art exhibition titled ‘Space & Decor’ by Bishwajit Paul and Raton Sarker is being held at Gallery Kaya in Uttara. The exhibition was inaugurated on May 1 and will remain open from 11:00am to 8:00pm till May 12.

Fifty-seven artworks including seven sculptures are being displayed at the gallery. Fifty artworks are made of terracotta, glazed ceramics and engraved wood and the sculptures are made of cement casting and wood.

The artwork titled ‘Dressing-2’, ‘Face & Masks’, ‘Love’, ‘Family’, ‘Oppression’, ‘Ador’, ‘Daughter-Wife-Mother’, ‘Savagery-2’ and ‘Resurrection’ are among fifty artworks of Bishwajit Paul. In his artworks Paul has tried to present the emotion of people and their different activities in society.

His terracotta artwork titled ‘Snake Charmers’ draws viewers’ attention. Two bede women are walking to market for displaying the snakes.The artist Bishwajit Paul has worked on terracotta and the sculptor Raton Sarker has worked for his seven sculptures in detail by the cement casting.

The sculptor Sarker has presented women and children in different modes which are made of cement casting. His sculptures include ‘On the way of light’, ‘Woman in nature’, and ‘Just after bath’.In his work titled ‘Replica-4’ three Children are playing in water. The sculptor has tried to describe a haven for the Children.

Both artists have completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rajshahi University and have completed their Master of Fine Arts from India.


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