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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shadher Malati Genthechi

A musical offering by Luva Nahid Choudhury

Cultural Correspondent / May 04, 2009

"Shadher Malati Genthechhi" -- Luva Nahid Choudhury's debut studio album -- is a musical offering featuring 12 songs of Dwijendralal Roy and Atul Prasad Sen rendered in the artiste's vivacious styling. Released some time ago, the formal launch of the album was held yesterday at the main auditorium of National Museum. 

Professor Emirates Dr. Anisuzzaman and noted singer Iffat Ara Dewan unveiled the album at the event. A solo musical performance by Luva followed. 

"I received my first music lesson in 1975 from the noted trainer, Acharya Mithun Dey of Mymensingh. I couldn't continue pursuing music as I became busy with my studies at the Engineering University (from 1980 to '86). I was introduced to songs of D.L. Roy and Atul Prasad by a friend's mother; she used to hum these songs. The powerful lyrics had a deep impact on me. I collected some albums by Krishna Chattopadhyay and Santosh Sengupta, and started learning songs of Atul Prasad And D.L. Roy."

Luva also went through extensive training in classical music under Barkat Hossain. She has had two solo programmes organised by Bengal Foundation. Incidentally, this architect is also the director general of the renowned Bengal Foundation. She is also enlisted as a classical singer at Bangladesh Betar. 

"Shadher Malati Genthechhi" includes songs -- " Ami shara shokalti," "Krondoshi pathocharini," "Eka mor gaaner tari," "Ami boshey achhi tabo dwarey," "Amar ghum bhangano chand," "Shudhu du'dineri khela" and more. 

At yesterday's event, the artiste performed D.L. Roy and Atul Prasad songs from her album along with compositions of their contemporaries such as Kamal Dasgupta, Himangshu Dutt and the National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. 

Luva started with a devotional piece -- a 'Baitalik' (without any 'taal') "Ohey nirobo, esho nirobey" -- composed by Atul Prasad. Her repertoire also included a Nazrul Sangeet, "Gabhiro raatey jhorano patar pothey," an Atul Prasad number "Bodhu neend nahi ankhi paatey," "Ami shara shokalti" (from the album) and others. She ended with another 'Baitalik' song of D.L. Roy, "Shudhu du'dineri khela" (also from the album).

"Shadher Malati Genthechhi" was released by Laser Vision.


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