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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sandra Bullock not impressed by Ryan Reynold's body

Agencies - May 14, 2009

‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine' star Ryan Reynolds, who has bared all for his upcoming romantic comedy 'The Proposal', failed to impress co-star Sandra Bullock with his hunky body. 

"Ryan's surgically enhanced, overly tanned and a bit soft around the middle - and the back hair was a bit much to deal with," Bullock said joking that she was far from impressed with her costar's body, reported ‘Contactmusic’. 

"I'd put him at a four on a scale of one to 10," said Bullock, who plays the role of a book editor in the film.  Her character Maggie forces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in order to avoid being deported to Canada in the film. 

'The Proposal', directed by Anne Fletcher, is slated to release in June this year.


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