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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Britney Spears adds fuel to her cousin's singing dream

Agencies - May 14, 2009

Here's some good work coming out of the troubled popstar Britney Spears, who fired her cousin Alli Sims from her assistant's post so that the upcoming artiste could focus on her singing career. 

Spears was particularly impressed with a song recorded by Alli as a teen, and made her promise that she would seriously get down to making her own music, reported ‘Contacmusic’. 

"I was sitting with her in the living room... and a song I'd done in high school popped up and she was like, 'I love this song, who's singing it?' I go, 'I am actually.' She goes, 'You're still living with me? I'm getting another assistant to help me out and you're pursuing this," said the budding singer. 

Sims is grateful to her 'Toxic' singer cousin for having forced her to pursue her singing dream, and cleared all rumours that the two sisters had a fallout. 

"We didn't have a falling out at all or anything. I just kind of stepped back. She had a lot of stuff going on that she needed to focus on, so I took that time to put all my energy into my music," Sims was quoting telling to a US news show. Earlier reports stated that Sims was fired from Spears' assistant's post as her father Jamie had taken up the pop star's affairs into his hands. 

Sims, who has recently come up with her new single 'Driving Blind', is looking forward to sitting down with Spear's again and catching up like old times. 

"I definitely think I'll talk to her soon. It's not like we're never going to talk again. I love her to death and I miss her and I hope she's happy."


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