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Monday, May 11, 2009

European film festival draws crowd

Mohiuddin Alamgir / May 11, 2009

The ten-day European film festival, jointly organised by Alliance Française and Jahir Raihan Film Society is drawing crowds. The festival that began on May 6 will continue till May 15.

The organisers screened ‘Black Book’ (145 minutes, 2006) directed by Paul Verhoeven of Netherlands at 5:00pm and ‘A Talking Picture’ (96 minutes, 2003) directed by Manoel de Oliveira of Portugal at 7:30pm on Saturday. The story of the film ‘Black Book’ revolves around Eris, the central character who helps Jews and war fighters of the Southern Netherlands liberate the Nazi-occupied area during the Second World War.

 The film ‘A Talking Picture’ involves a Mediterranean cruise with mother Rosa Maria, who is a Professor of history of Lisbon University. She and her daughter Maria Joana are going to meet Maria’s father in Mumbai. They travel through the routes from France, Greece, and Turkey to Egypt. Whenever they stop, Rosa Maria enlightens her daughter about the history of the civilisations. In the film the director narrates the rise and fall of civilizations such as Egyptian, Roman, and Byzantine.

Today, the organisers will screen ‘The Sea Inside’ (125 minutes, 2004) directed by Alejandro Amenabar of Spain at 5:00pm and ‘The Novelist’ (107 minutes, 2008) directed by Hannu Kahakorpi of Finland at 7:15pm. On May 12, the organisers will screen ‘The Son’s Room’ (99 minutes, 2001) directed by Nanni Moretti of Italy at 5:00pm and ‘I Served the King of England’ (120 minutes, 2006) directed by Jiri Menzel of Czech Republic at 7:00pm.

 Oscar winning film ‘No Man’s Land’ (98 minutes, 2001) directed by Danis Tanovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be screened at 5:00pm and ‘The Trap’ (106 minutes, 2007) directed by Srdan Golubovic of Serbia at 7:00pm on May 13.


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