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Monday, May 11, 2009

Ben Affleck rows with wife Jennifer Garner over domestic chores

ANI / May 11, 2009

Ben Affleck has revealed that he fights with wife actress Jennifer Garner over the importance of domestic chores. 

The actor insists that he doesn't understand the necessity of some domestic tasks, but risks his wife's wrath by ignoring them, reports the ‘China Daily’. 

"I got into an argument with my wife about making the bed, my point being, why does a bed need to be made? It doesn't hurt anyone for your covers to just lie on your bed during the course of the day until you come back to it and get back in it. My wife was like, ''You must have a made bed.'' It's crazy," he said. 

However, the actor soon found himself obeying his wife's requests. 

"Needless to say I lost that fight. By the end of it, I was making the bed, ironing it down and telling my kids, ''This is how we make the bed in our house,'' " he added.


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