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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beckham's childhood house fails to attract buyers

Agencies - May 12, 2009

In the times of recession, even the name of a celebrity like David Beckham is no guarantee to attract a good price. 

The childhood home of football star David Beckham had to be taken off the market after bidding stopped at a meager 215,000 pounds. The current owner of the house, Iftikar Mehmood had hoped that 'Becks effect' will fetch him a price of at least 500,000 pounds. 

Beckham lived in the East London house from his birth until he was two year old. The sports star, now with AC Milan, owns homes in Beverly Hills and Hertfordshire, ‘Daily Mail’ reported. The accountant, who had bought the house five years ago, did not know about its celebrity connection until local historian Colin Evans visited the house. Evans is now helping Mehmood to sell the house. 

However, only two buyers showed interest in the house but their bidding did not go beyond 215,000 pound. Evans still hopes that the house will fetch double the market value. 

"My faith in brand Beckham is 100 per cent still," Evans said.


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