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Sunday, April 12, 2009

The secret behind Kylie's glowing skin


12 Apr, 2009

Kylie Minogue reportedly shelled 40,000 pounds on treating herself at beauty spa holidays and getting Botox injections to be in the glowing skin she is today.

The Aussie singer had allegedly rejuvenated her layers in the last six months with two, seven-night breaks at Spain’s SHA Wellness Clinic. The 40-year-old purportedly indulged in a variety of health treatments and ‘Integral Facial Rejuvenation’ package, priced around 3,000 pounds, to repair the effects left by her cancer in 2005.

"This wasn’t a cheap break,” News of the World quoted a clinic source as saying. 

“The package alone cost 3,000 pounds and the presidential suite costs 5,400 pounds a night. It is not cosmetic surgery but the effects are amazing," the source added. She had six months of chemotherapy after her cancer was diagnosed and this clinic not only allows her to hide away so she can have beauty treatments but also makes sure her body is healthy too. "She had lots of massages and hydrotherapy treatments, but Kylie was there for the macrobiotic food and rejuvenation therapies.”

Gwen Davies, non surgical specialist from Transform Cosmetic Surgery, added: "To the trained eye it’s clear she’s invested in a range of complementary non-surgical treatments and maybe even one or two surgical procedures."


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