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Saturday, June 20, 2009

“Bijoyini”: Special play on Sufia Kamal’s birth anniversary

By Cultural Correspondent

On the 98th birth anniversary on poet-litterateur-activist Sufia Kamal, Rtv will air a single-episode play “Bijoyini” tonight at 9 pm. Adapted by Delwar Hossain from a story by Sufia Kamal, the play has been directed by Rawshan Ara Nipa.

The play follows Kashem, who comes from an affluent family, and his infatuation with his childhood friend Masuma. But Kashem's father does not approve of his interest in Masuma, whose family is not well off. Kashem marries a girl of his father's choice and Masuma also gets married, to a schoolteacher. Years later, Kashem meets Masuma again, and after her husband dies of typhoid, expresses his interest in Masuma despite having a wife. Masuma does not agree, as she believes in true love and not lust. An infuriated Kashem does not take this refusal well. He becomes vindictive and spreads vicious lies about Masuma, who is forced to leave the town. Searching for her for years, Kashem eventually finds Masuma again.

The cast includes Farzana Chhobi, Mahmud Hassan, Aforza Sultana, Tanzina Lily and others.

Source: The Daily Star.

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