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Monday, May 18, 2009

Rachel Weisz never uses a body double

Agencies - May 18, 2009

Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz has said that she is confident about her body to appear naked in her latest film 'Agora' and that she never uses a body double. 

The 38-year-old actress plays a real-life 4th century Greek philosopher and astronomer named Hypatia in the film, ‘Daily Mail’ online reported. The film is a love triangle between Weisz, Max Minghella who plays the devoted slave of Hypatia (Weisz) and Oscar Isaac, who stars as one of her students. 

'The Mummy' actress was in Cannes to attend the screening of her film at the occasion said that she felt fit enough to do all her own nude scenes in the movie. Asked if a body double was used she said, "Absolutely not. It was all me, never even thought of using a double," the actress said. 

'Agora' also takes up the issue of religious persecution and how Christian zealots of that time treated women.  Weisz said that the film was also an echo of how women are treated today in some Middle Eastern countries. 

'Women are still treated as second class citizens, they are denied education. There are many countries where women are treated badly,' Weisz said.

The actress attended the film's premiere at the French Film Festival in a revealing thigh-splitting green gown.


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