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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Miss California Denounces Racy Photo Leak

By Gina Serpe / May 5, 2009

Miss California wanted to be in the public eye—now the public is getting an eyeful of Miss California.

The first of a reputed six racy photos of Carrie Prejean, donning little more than her traditional family values, leaked online yesterday and immediately sparked a new round of calls for the already controversial beauty queen to be stripped of her tiara.

The photo—showing a topless, pink-underpants-wearing Prejean with her arm strategically placed—first appeared on before making its way around the web. While only the single photo has been released, the site says there are five more, at least one of which is rumored to show Prejean completely nude.

The photo could affect her status as Miss California—Prejean's contract with the organization prohibits her from being "photographed in a state of partial or total nudity."

The anti-gay-marriage contestant turned traditional-marriage advocate quickly issued a statement denouncing the leak as the latest in a series of "attacks on me and my integrity as a woman."

"My comments defending traditional marriage have led to intimidation tactics that seek to undermine my reputation and somehow silence me and my beliefs, as if opinion is only a one-way street," says Prejean.

"I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid website that openly mocks me for my Christian faith.

"I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be. But these attacks on me and others who speak in defense of traditional marriage are intolerant and offensive. While we may not agree on every issue, we should show respect for others' opinions and not try to silence them through vicious and mean-spirited attacks."


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