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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cage stunt car in New York crash

A car driven by actor Nicolas Cage's stuntman for his latest film has crashed into the front of a restaurant in New York's Times Square.

BBC / 5 May 2009

Two pedestrians suffered minor injuries during shooting of the chase sequence, after the car skidded out of control and mounted the pavement. 

Regular traffic had been halted for filming and replaced with stunt cars. Cage's latest film, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, is set in present day New York and due for release next year. 

Incident captured 

The movie is based on a famous Mickey Mouse sequence in Disney animation Fantasia, and sees Cage play a sorcerer who recruits a reluctant college student. 

A statement from the production said that the two pedestrians had been taken to hospital for checks but later released. One woman suffered an injured foot, while a man was hit on the head by a pole which fell after being struck by the Ferrari. The stunt driver was unhurt in the accident. The statement added that filming by the movie's second unit "will continue as planned". 

The accident was captured in an amateur video, which has been shown on the New York Post newspaper's website.


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