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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UK-Indian actress lands role in Bollywood film 'Veer'

Posted: Apr 28, 2009

Parveen Bhairon, an Indian-origin actress from Coventry is thrilled to land a role in Salman Khan starrer Bollywood film 'Veer'. 

She is the latest British Indian actor to feature in an Indian film after Katrina Kaif and Upen Patel. Bhairon, 26, plays a supporting role in the film, which is said to be an epic love story about an Indian warrior fighting under the British Raj. The film has been written by Salman Khan who also plays the lead role. Other actors in the movie include Jackie Shroff, who plays the villain, and Sohail Khan.

Bhairon, who has shot scenes in Bristol and Bath, told the local media: "It's been fantastic so far. I met Salman Khan a few times. He is very focused on his work - it's quite inspiring to see. 

"We haven't been told what the film is all about - it's a bit of a secret - but the costumes are quite elaborate and there are a few fighting scenes. I'm looking forward to getting into the dialogue, which will come later. It's been interesting and exciting but a lot of hard work." 

Bhairon, who will soon leave for Mumbai to shoot more scenes of the film, said, "I really want to launch my career in Mumbai. It'll be the perfect stepping stone. It's a difficult thing to do but I'm not ready to give up yet. These last few months have been surreal and I'm really excited about my future".


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