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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fox Prefers Lie to President Obama

By Joal Ryan

Mon, April 27, 2009

One hundred days, schmunhundred days.

Fox is opting out of airing a President Obama prime-time press conference timed to mark the leader's 100th day in office Wednesday, in favor of its regularly scheduled program about a man who can read liars. No political comment presumably intended. 

In a statement today, Fox said it would alert Lie to Me viewers to the press conference with an "onscreen graphic" pointing interested parties to its sister outlets, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, both of which will carry the planned Q&A.

Fox's free-TV competitors, ABC, CBS and NBC, which don't have a really important American Idol results show to worry about later in the night, have all blocked out the 8 p.m. Wednesday hour for Obama. The CW, which doesn't do news, will use to time slot to commemorate the latest new episode of America's Next Top Model.

Obama, as a rule, has been a big prime-time draw, although not so much for Fox, which lagged behind its competitors for its coverage of the president's March 24 press conference.


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