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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stars on New Year

By Afruna Rahman Urmika

Dhaka, Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As we look forward to Pahela Baishakh, it is an opportune moment to check out what our celebrities have lined up to celebrate this joyous day: 

Fahmida Nabi
Fahmida has a busy schedule on Pahela Baishakh. To start with, she has to attend several Baishakhi programmes. Her new album "Shopnogolpo" too is set to be released that day. Fahmida will be featured on "Ekushey Shondhya" on ETV on April 14. In a departure from the usual red and white attire, she plans to don red and green. Fahmida is not too fond of 'panta,' but she goes for 'taki machh bhorta,' onion with red chili 'bhorta' and hilsha with coconut 'bhorta.' She advises people to stock lemon juice to beat the heat on this festive occasion.

Sharmin Lucky
Sharmin goes for 'jeera-pani' and green mango juice. On Pahela Baishakh she plans to make green mango juice and is confident that her guests will enjoy it. She plans to cook a spread of hilsha, prawn, 'bhorta' with plain rice and 'doi' (curd) as dessert. Sharmin will lay out clay plates with wooden spoons. She will don a deep red and white dress from Reeva's in the morning. She is also planning to wear a saree designed by Shahrukh in the day and an off-white saree with a red border in the latter part of the day. Her suggestion to beat the escalated demand for flowers on the festive occasion is that women should buy 'beli' flowers two days in advance and store them in the fridge. 

“Pori” of “Monpura” is not really ecstatic about the festival. Instead she plans a quiet day with her family at their new home in Pallabi. With her scheme of things is lending a helping hand to her mother when she is cooking. She looks forward to a delectable meal of 'hilsha, 'shutki' and 'panta.’

Nirob has no special plans for the day. He will be busy shooting for a film at FDC.

With upcoming HSC exams, Mim could not plan for Pahela Baishakh. She says that she used to get together and have fun with her friends, while her mother cooked 'panta' with hilsha.

Bindu has shooting in the morning on Pahela Baishakh. She will leave for USA a day after Pahela Baishakh to attend a show. So Pahela Baishakh will be a low-key affair for her this year.

Asif Azim
Model Asif Azim will celebrate the first day of Baishakh with friends -- complete with music and great food. He will don a white punjabi with motifs representing Baishakh and our culture. The plan is to go to Dubai for a show on April 17.

Prova will avoid the jam-packed Charukala and Ramna. She looks forward to the Baishakhi celebration at Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (Prova studies there). She has designed her own saree as well as clothes for her cousins. But she plans to design on a larger scale once she has more breathing space. She will also get to see a TV play, directed by Chayanika, featuring her, which will be aired on ETV on the day. 

The writer is a freelance contributor


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