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Friday, April 10, 2009

Prachi Desai, Ekta Kapoor go shopping to chor bazaar for their next film together

By Subhash K. Jha of Bollywood Hungama

April 10, 2009

At last Ekta Kapoor's favourite protege Prachi Desai is doing a film for Ekta's Balaji Films.

The petite beauty who played Farhan Akhtar's rock steady wife in Rock On is all set to play underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's soul mate Mehjabeen in Milan Luthria's Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.

Ekta and Prachi have been catching up on all the video footage that's available on the lady, and they've been hunting for clothes all over. In fact Prachi went all over the Muslim localities of Mumbai last month including Haji Ali to pick up authentic salwar-kameez.

Says Prachi, "That's true. I didn't want to get into yet another wife's role after Rock On and Life Partner. Come on, yaar! I'm so young. I want to have fun and I keep getting these serious roles. But playing the don's life partner in Once Upon A Time ... was a challenge that I couldn't resist."

The role requires Prachi to look like a Muslim working-class girl in 1975 who gets involved with a don. Prachi put the offer on hold for a month, did her research and then got back to the director.

"This character is from a time that existed before me. Yes I've done plenty of reading on my character. I want to look and feel like Mehjabeen. And it's such a challenge. And doing a film with Balaji is like coming home. Shobha Aunty, Jeetu Uncle and Ekta are like family. I remained connected with them when I did Rock On because it was directed by Ekta's cousin Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor). My second film Life Partner has Ekta's brother Tusshar Kapoor as my co-star. And now I'm finally doing a Balaji production."

Interestingly, Ekta never offered Mehjabeen's role to Prachi.

Says a source close to Ekta, "Ekta would never offer roles to people close to her, whether it's Tusshar or Prachi. She lets the director take a call."


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