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Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Millionaire matchmaker' wants business honcho for Aniston

Posted: Apr 10, 2009

After her break-up from John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston has been offered help by celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger, who has promised to find 'Mr Right' for the actress. 

Aniston has often been labelled as 'unlucky in love' because of her divorce from Brad Pitt and failed relationships with Vince Vaughn and Mayer. But the host of the reality show 'Millionaire Matchmaker', Stanger says that Aniston can find love in a 50-year-old business tycoon. 

"Jennifer Aniston could really use my services, she's going through a rough time right now," ‘Ok’ magazine quoted Stanger telling to ‘PopTarts’. 

"I read her body language all the time and I hated John Mayer for her. I said he's going to break up with her after the Academy Awards, he's just using her," Stanger added. 

Stanger revealed that she is looking outside the Hollywood fraternity for Aniston's new man. 

"I wouldn't match her up with Hollywood; I would give her one of my clients who is a businessman on the Forbes list. One of the big people like at Time Warner, someone who's high up on the food chain," Stanger said. 

"She needs chemistry, and sometimes that older guy who's in his 50's, he's refined, and maybe been divorced, is going to be the guy," she added.


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