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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mayor: Madonna Promises $500,000 for Quake Relief

Mayor of Madonna's grandparents' hometown says pop star has promised $500,000 for quake relief

By The Associated Press

PACENTRO, Italy April 8, 2009

The mayor of an Italian town shaken by Monday's earthquake says Madonna has promised $500,000 to help people in need.

Fernando Caparso, the mayor of Pacentro, the mountainside village where two of the pop star's grandparents were born, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that that he had spoken to the pop star's manager. He said he was deeply moved by Madonna's effort to assist the town as well as surrounding areas.
Pacentro, 100 kilometers (60 miles) from hard-hit L'Aquila, felt Monday's earthquake but didn't suffer major damage. Caparso said most of the donation would go to areas harder hit.

Liz Rosenberg, the pop singer's spokeswoman, said Madonna had pledged a "substantial amount," but didn't disclose the exact figure.

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