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Monday, April 27, 2009

Courtney Love slams Pamela Anderson for being poor

Posted: Apr 27, 2009

Courtney Love, who is better known for being the widow of 'Nirvana' frontman has slammed former friend Pamela Anderson for being poor. 

"Pam Anderson doesn't even have a credit card. And she lives in Paradise Cove, which is in Malibu, but it's a trailer park in Malibu," said Love about the former Bay Watch star, reported ‘New York Post’. 

Courtney Love who was left with a fortune of USD 320 million after the death of her rocker husband, had been friends with Anderson, but her latest statement points at a fall-out between the two. Anderson who shot to fame with her role in the hit 90's series 'BayWatch' lives in a trailer park in the posh locality of Malibu, California where a house costs more than a million dollars. 

Anderson who has two sons from her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee, is known to be worth millions with her bestselling tell-all book deal and revenue from her acting career. The actress' manager declined to comment on the statement made by Love.


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