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Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrillers keep director Anjan Dutt busy


Making a ghost story has kept him preoccupied for long. And, after three attempts, filmmaker Anjan Dutt has finally zeroed in on a story for his upcoming thriller.

Dutt, is adapting the short story "Loving Doll," from Ipsita Roy Chakraverti's book "Sacred Evil."

"I am currently in the post-production stage of a very very dark Byomkesh Bakshi 1960's period thriller based on incest and riots. After this I'll start work on Ipsita's film," Dutt said.

The Kolkata-based director also an actor and singer and whose repertory include films like "Bong Connection," and "Chalo Let's Go" says he is excited about the new film which will be set in Kolkata and Darjeeling.

"Ipsita saw my film 'Madly Bangalee' and approached me with the story and I said yes, of course after reading the book," says Dutt who had been looking for a ghost story script for long.

Dutt says he wanted to film an adapted Rabindranath Tagore work but was unsure about getting the literary genius' story right and also because he says making a good thriller is always a challenge.

The Bengal-based director says, "You cannot fool around with a Tagore story. He is a genius. I began writing scripts for three stories but gave up. When Ipsita started talking to me I found the story interesting and thought I could take up the challenge."

"Loving Doll," explores the life of a middle-aged couple where the wife is obsessed about losing her beauty and is attached to a doll who she thinks will help her remain beautiful forever.

Funding of the film, says Dutt, is currently under negotiations with "various interested parties keen to fund the film."

"The story has a personal relation. I want to show the evil in a consumeristic society, a false world of ad and glamour where the cosmetic look is in vogue," says Dutt.

Bollywood actress Sarika, who had essayed character of Ipsita in the 2006 flick Sacred Evil is expected to play the lead in the film whose casting is likely to be done soon.

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