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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Commemorating Tagore artiste Zahidur Rahim on Desh TV

By Cultural Correspondent

Today marks the death anniversary of Zahidur Rahim, a renowned Tagore singer of pre and post-Liberation Bangladesh. Rahim was one of the frontline campaigners against the ban on Rabindra Sangeet in the late 1960s by the then Pakistan regime. During those tumultuous times, Rahim played a stellar role in preserving this genre at that time through his renderings of Rabindra Sangeet at various programmes.

In particular, Rahim is credited with popularising the Tagore song "Amar Shonar Bangla," in the '60s-- which eventually became our National Anthem.

Zahidur Rahim died on June 18, 1978. To commemorate this day, Desh TV will air a special programme "Zahidur Rahim Swaraney" tonight at 9:30pm. Publisher and a trustee of the Liberation War Museum (LWM) Mofidul Haque will host the programme. Dr. Sarwar Ali, another trustee of the LWM, and noted Tagore artiste Iffat Ara Dewan will be discussants at the programme.

The programme is produced by Ushnish Chakrabarty.

Source: The Daily Star.

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