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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New drama serial Dorakata goes on air

By Cultural Correspondent

A new drama serial, titled " Dorakata", is set to go on air from tonight on Rtv. Jointly scripted by Aminur Rahman Mukul and Mahfuza Hilali and directed by Sumon Anwar, the serial will be aired Sundays and Mondays at 9pm. 

The serial revolves around the friendship between five fun loving university students: Shojol, Nirob, Anindyo, Jisa and Hena. The friends plan a trip to Rangamati. En route they encounter a shady character named Abir, also a university student. The friends try to avoid him. On reaching Rangamati, they discover that Abir is staying in the same hotel. The group decide to take no notice--until they discover that he is stalking them.

When the group hire a boat to go to Longduur, Abir persuades them to take him along with them. In the evening, the engine fails, stranding the friends on a desolate hill. Now they come face to face with the stark reality that there are different shades to their characters-- greed, suspicion and the like.

Joyonto Chattopadhyay, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Mir Sabir, Richi Solaiman, Naznin Naz, Raunak Hasan, Shojol, Chandni, Nadia, Nova, Shahriar Shuvo and Sanjida Preeti, among others are the actors in the serial.
Source: TheDailyStar.

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Anonymous said...

i guess the casting group have been told in this news is wrong . so far we have seen on tv.. the casts names are different and the story line also varies. like the five charecters name: Erin- Tasmia Hossain,Odree- sanjida priti, jui- tania , Pappu- Sajal and Chandon- Sabbir ahmed. so it will be really great if we audience can be updated with the proper and wright information..thanks. opu, shumi, tanveer, joi, and sabrina.