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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean -- Take it Down!

By TMZ Staff / May 10th, 2009 

Miss California Carrie Prejean wants to put a lid on those nude photos that have been posted on the Internet -- stat.

We've obtained a cease and desist letter fired off from Carey's lawyer to, demanding that the site take down two photos, showing a topless Carrie posing for the cam.In the letter, her lawyer says, "One of the displayed images of Ms. Prejean was illegally taken under false pretenses when she was a 17-year-old minor and unable to consent to its creation." 

The letter goes on: "The other image depicts Ms. Prejean's likeness but is not an actual photograph. It is an electronic manipulation ["photoshopped'] of her image created without her consent."

The response from "Your client's publicity rights are substantially inferior to the right of the public to consider, discuss, agree and/or disagree with Ms. Prejean's actions and views. This is not conduct for which your client's consent is required." Translation -- go pound sand.


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