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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kris Allen to win 'American Idol,' but Adam Lambert has best career?

Los Angeles Times - May 17, 2009

Virtually all of the alleged "American Idol" "experts" have consistently underestimated Kris Allen while ballyhooing Adam Lambert as the inevitable champ. What if Kris Allen surprises again?

Romantically speaking, Allen is more of a heartthrob type. He may have a much bigger, secret fan base among the gum-snapping girls who set off tsunamis of text and phone votes that decide winners each week. Furthermore, Lambert likes to jump off cliffs, creatively speaking. What if he goes splat during the final face-off?

When Gold Derby polled readers, asking who -- Lambert or Allen -- will end up winning the most showbiz awards during their future careers, regardless of who wins "American Idol," Lambert stomped. He scored 73% of the votes. But will that prove to be true?

Again, that view may just be a reflection of bossy assumptions pushed by the "Idol" judges and producers. Lambert's mysterious sexuality may be a turn-off among music-buyers, who may gobble up more CDs from the more macho Allen. That could give Allen a vastly larger fan base and a much bigger, longer career during which he could win lots more industry awards.

Allen, for example, seems to have a lot in common with Rob Thomas and John Mayer: clean, rugged good looks and solid singing chops. Thomas and Mayer have won gads of top kudos, including two of Grammy's highest honors. Thomas won record and song of the year with Santana for "Smooth" (1999) and Mayer won best song for "Daughters" (2004).


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