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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kate Gosselin’s hair looks gr‘8’ on anyone

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

We are officially obsessed with the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” drama. Did Jon cheat with the teacher? Did Kate cheat with the bodyguard? Who gets custody of all those adorable quarter-Asian babies???

Every day it’s a new scandal for the Gosselins: Kate gave Jon a $5-a-day allowance and raised hell if he overspent. Jon’s a deadbeat Octodad who stays with Kate for the dough. Kate wouldn’t let Jon talk to his brothers at his father’s funeral. There’s no end to the turmoil! The tabloids and celebrity rags have relentlessly chronicled the family circus and apparently they are running out of revelations. Because yesterday, Us maggie - which has been leading the Gosselin charge - was reduced to putting Kate’s infamous hairdo - aka “The Volcano” - on an assortment of celebrity heads.

Kate’s coif, as you may know, has been getting nearly as much attention as Jon’s nocturnal wanderings. The spiky-in-the-back, sloping-in-the-front punk cut has been slammed by stylists who say it looks like it was done with a salad spinner. “It’s not going to work for everybody,” Kate warned. “I have very, very thick hair . . . I’ve seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it just won’t work.”

No, obviously not. And since we aren’t above sinking as low as Us maggie, take a look at some of our local celebs in full Gosselin . . .


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