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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I could not leave shooting in London to vote: Salman

Agencies - May 21, 2009

Actor Salman Khan said that he was shooting in London for Anil Sharma's 'Veer' on April 30, the polling day in Mumbai, and hence could not cast his vote. 

"It was not possible for me to take a flight from London just to show that I voted," Salman said when asked why he failed to cast his vote when he had extensively campaigned for some candidates.  When pointed out that his contemporaries Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan had specially flown down to Mumbai from their foreign destinations to perform their duty as a citizen, Salman said, "They have the time and money to do so which I do not have." 

To a question on whether he felt voting was not important, Salman in his inimitable style said, "The Government should make voting mandatory by punishing people who don't do so and giving incentives to citizens to vote. I would come for that extra money."


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