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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Dollhouse," will be renewed for the 2009-10 season

By April MacIntyre - May 16, 2009

Prior to their upfront presentation on Monday, FOX has announced that the oddball sci-fi tinged drama, showrunner Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse," will be renewed for the 2009-10 season. 

FOX revealed that "Dollhouse" scored a 13-episode order and will hold to the Friday night slot. The show stars Whedon muse Eliza Dushku, and has received mixed reviews and modest ratings. Dushku plays Echo, who has a sketchy, obscure past and no present day life, save for her work in the Dollhouse. She is a malleable "Active" controlled puppet-like without a real memory or a stable consciousness.

Echo is a brainwashed moldable tool at the mercy of a snarky computer nerd with "higher ups" who whore out the fetching blank slate to rich clients, who order up what they want her to be.

Additionally FOX announced that the comedy series "Brothers," will star former NFL player and "Fox NFL Sunday" commentator Michael Strahan as a former NFL star who leaves the Big Apple to return to his Houston hometown in an effort to reconnect with his disabled brother and get his own life back on track. 

Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, Colton Dunn and Carl Weathers also star.


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