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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shah Rukh's smoking at IPL draws protest in India

Posted: Apr 25, 2009

The National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), has protested against Shah Rukh Khan who was shown on the TV screen smoking during an IPL match on April 21 in South Africa. 

NOTE has asked the South African National Council Against Smoking (NCAS) to consider the issue seriously and stop smoking in the stadium during Indian Premier League matches. 

"I chatted with them and sent details and motivation to the supersport. They are the broadcasters. I am soliciting an agreement that they will not show anyone smoking," Peter Ucko from NCAS has informed NOTE. 

NOTE General Secretary Shekhar Salkar told PTI that they had contected NCAS to explore possible advocacy that can be coordinated in South Africa after King Khan was shown puffing on a television screen. 

The NCAS in their reply has said that the Act which will ban smoking in sport stadium is not yet in force. He said that smoking is not permitted in an enclosed area and if Khan does it again I am asking management to tell him that if he fails to comply they will remove him from the grounds, he said.


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