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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aamir, Shah Rukh join hands for a cause

By Bollywood Hungama / Apr 07, 2009 

It's common knowledge that the producers/distributors [United Producers/Distributors Forum] has decided against screening any new film at multiplexes from 4th April onwards. However, a few reports in the media seem to suggest that the strike is for a limited period and the flow of new releases will recommence from 1st May onwards. Not true! 

It's interesting to note that the two superstars have set aside all personal differences to address this issue. Bravo! The strike called by the United Forum is for an indefinite period. The standoff continues with no solution in sight, while you are reading this news-piece. Another misconception that needs to be clarified pertains to the release dates. Will it get chaotic once the United Forum calls off the strike? Or will there be a systematic way of releasing new films? The Forum has decided to sit together and chalk out the release dates. For instance, a film announced for 17th April [before the strike was implemented] will be given preference over the film slated for release on 24th April or 1st May. No jumping of queue will be encouraged. 

Right now, all release dates are uncertain till the United Forum calls off the strike.


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